Working Tools

The start of the journey.


It’s all about the drip.


Cut, glue and place.


You just can’t beat the hum of the sewing machine.

‘inspired by heritage and contemporary life – crafted by hand’.


The inspiration for B18 Leather comes from a variety of sources, be it historical applications and practices, contemporary art and street art to our interaction and needs of everyday items. All B18 leather goods have been designed and made to function as intended, the character of each item will change as it is used. It will form its own identity and become a must-have item that you own. All products are now shipped with FREE UK delivery.

What happened 2020?

So the limited edition pieces have started, these pieces or colour ways will not be reproduced and will be available in small edition runs meaning when they’re gone, they’re gone. Keep your eyes peeled as we change the way we make and sell. 



Made to Order

Got an idea that needs realising in leather? It could be for a special occasion or something you have been thinking about for a while. Why not get in contact to see if it is possible for your idea to be realised.